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Hello and welcome to! Here we expound all the complexities and intricacies of aquarium ownership with specific attention to the ecosystem you create with the right fish tank and supplies.

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The rise and popularity of this hobby is world-recorded. Fish owning is a time honored pastime since its popular inception in the 1850s. It is widely considered the second most popular hobby in the United States behind stamp collecting. Over 40 percent of individuals who enjoy the hobby of aquaria ownership also have more than one fish tank. With the popularity in mind, it is no wonder that information on supplies is in such demand.

The aquarium gives the owner the capacity to create an ecosystem. Like any ecosystem, the fish tank must be properly balances will consideration given to the nitrogen cycle, oxygen content, temperature, and the population density of fish. There are an abundance of simple rules to map out what should be the feasible standard for your fish, however it is important to research what type of fish you have and where within the fish range the measurements should be taken. Our article on the left about fish tanks is an invaluable resource as it maps some of the most common rules of thumb and considers what the normal range for the ecosystem is.

Various recording devices are necessary to measure each of the different cycles. Oxygen is usually necessary although not measured in most instances because, for a home installation, usually a simple sure aerator will be sufficient. However, if you are scaling up your fish tank it may be a good idea to install another aerator to be sure the fish will have enough oxygen. The drawback of this aerator is that it accelerates the nitrogen cycle by increasing the breakdown of the animal excretion. Since the oxygen is absolutely necessary, the aerator forms an essential component in any fish tank supplies armament.

One of the last and most critical measurement systems to have in the fish tank is the thermometer. Fish live in a delicate and rarely changing ecosystem, as far as the temperature is concerned. Crashes in the system can shock the animals and in extreme cases is fatal. For that reason heating or cooling elements are almost always added to the home aquarium. By checking on the type of fish that you own, you can be sure that the temperature is within their optimal living range. Temperature also has an effect on how much oxygen is used within the tank, but that will be covered in more detail in the topics on the left.


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