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Saltwater Tank

A saltwater tank is one of three popular version orientations of the aquarium. More often than not a system or measurement device is necessary to be certain that the salinity is within the range of your plants and animals. For that reason proper research is in order to be certain that you aren’t poisoning the fish with either too much or too little salt. The plants are water-specific in this regard as well, and certain plants will not survive. Usually, this is noted at your store quite prominently so you do not accidentally mix and match different water-type plants and animals.

A good saltwater tank, similar to any good tank, will have an integrated filtration system that accounts for the maximum amount of water and can still filter all of it. If the water is less than well filtered you will see a decline in the visibility of the water, the health of the fish, and the vibrancy of the plants.  Temperature is also an important consideration. Specific fish are classified as coldwater fish, so the consideration for the temperature must be made. Systems that measure the temperature and heat or cool the tank are common. The oxygen density is also closely intermingled with the temperature. Increased temperature makes the fish consume more oxygen so more is needed. The colder the water the less oxygen is needed as the fish consume the oxygen more slowly. Aeration devices are sometimes helpful in this regard but then run into mitigation factors for the decomposition rates, connected to the nitrogen cycle, within the tank.


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