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Tropical Fish

One of the most popular forms of fish to put in an aquarium are tropical fish. These fish can be either fresh or saltwater fish because of the diversity of the areas where these fish find sanctuary. Both water types typically have incredibly colorful fish, but there is a difference. In fresh water, the fish are so colorful because of iridescence. In salt water fish, it is due to pigmentation differences. Regardless of the rationale these are popular with fish enthusiasts both young and old because they are so colorful. Popular movies have also glorified certain fish and Finding Nemo (2003) is a good example of trending the hobby.

The ecosystem is fun to replicate because they are so colorful. Ironically man’s most favorite colorful fascination with the underwater world, coral reefs, represent less than one percent of all of the ocean and it is shrinking. Popular tourist destinations like the Great Barrier Reef also serve to popularize this form of replication within the home. Still, this tiny area of sea life houses a full quarter of the ocean’s biodiversity. It is mostly due to the security that fish can find in the nooks and crannies of the underwater landscape. Tropical fish are most at home when they’re surrounded by rocks and other forms of obstructions that they can hide around. Unlike the great schools of fish that roam the ocean, coral or tropical fish are much less adventurous, generally speaking.


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